C-Vapor Is Personal To Your Needs

The C-Vapor is the next iteration of WEECKE portable vaporizer. This evolution comes with subtle, yet significant updates that show WEECKE e-cigarette is listening to customer’s feedback and knows how to learn from marketing to improve their product.
What is the C-Vapor
Getting down to the basics, the C-Vapor is a portable vaporizer made for dry herbs. Where most vaporizer device have heating coils at the bottom which combust the herbs you place inside, the C-Vapor has an oven-style, friendly-shaped heating chamber with no exposed heating element. Instead, the chamber simply heats up (in cycling 370°F -410°F – 420°F), causing the herbs to release vapor through conduction (direct contact). The premise is simple, and it’s quite surprising that few vaporizer have caught on to this design choice.
So, instead of smoke, you are treated to clouds of vapor which dissipate quickly, produce less odor, and are less harmful (and more comfortable) to inhale. How much vapor you get depends on the types of herbs you’re using and the temperature you set the heating chamber to.

How to use the C-Vapor
Turning the C-Vapor on and off is fairly straightforward; you simply press the power button 5 times rapidly. The display screen will first display battery level, indicating that the currently battery level ; Then screen turn to indicator temperature set last using . Unfortunately, increasing the temperature is a bit more complicated, though not by much. To increase the temperature, you simply long hold the function button in 2 seconds down, after it’s reached temperature you want to choose, release the button . The display screen will let you know the instant temperature.

Cleaning the C-Vapor
Cleaning the device is extremely easy. This is mostly thanks to the heating chamber being completely hollow. To clean it, you just open the tail cover on the bottom of device, unscrew the mouthpiece, take your packing tool, and poke everything out from the chamber. It takes about 5 seconds. Nice, right?
Overall, the C-Vapor is much much better than the original, both in its form factor and ability to produce good hits. If you’re looking for a box-shaped vaporizer for dry herbs and a large chamber, this is definitely worth giving a shot.




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