C-Vapor, The newest TRUE Dry Herb Vaporizer

C-VaporC-Vapor, The newest TRUE Dry Herb Vaporizer


The newest True dry herb vaporizer C-vapor launched ! Its with friendly shaped , oven-style heating chambers inside , heats up in cycling 370° F- 410° F -450° F for maximum vapor and ZERO combustion!


Dimensions 50mm*23.5mm*80mm
Material Alluminum
Battery Capacity 1800mAh
Temperature 370° F- 410° F -450° F
Heating time 30 seconds


MAXIMUM vapor with ZERO combustion

The intelligently designed heating chamber for the C-Vapor features an box-style, conduction heating system with no exposed heating elements. This means there is zero danger of combusting your herbs or tobacco, while providing even heating throughout the chamber!

Choose your preferred vaping experience

The chamber has 3 temperature settings.

-Lowest setting:
370° F , produces the lightest amount of vapor with the least amount of odor.
-Highest setting:
450° F , produces the thickest vapor.
-Middle setting:
410° F , is the perfect balance between the two.

Why these temperature settings?

Most herbs and plants vaporize between 370° F and 450° F. Anything lower, and the herb will simply not produce vapor. The closer you get to 450° F, the closer the plant will get to combusting and releasing the harmful toxins that vaporizing strives to prevent. A range between 370° and 420° is perfect for most herbs.




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