Fenix Convection Vaporizer

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【最新加熱式タバコ】 ヴェポライザー 電子タバコ WEECKE FENIX 市販のタバコ葉を加熱式で使える タバコ代1/5に 【ウィーキー フェニックス】

Fenix is WEECKE's fourth gerneration dry herb vaporizer products after the WEECKE, C Vapor I, and Ispy, Fenix uses with a patented convection heating system, which is totally different with the current models in the market, it's 100% heated by Air, with this, the user can enjoy a pure and even vapor on the go.

Advantages and Feature
1. Patented convection airflow heating technology, 100% Air Heating, pure vapor.
2. Special Smoke Intelligent Identification, with this function, the user can enjoy a instand and even vapor on the go.
3. Fully Isolated Air path, when you smoke the air will come into the chamber directly through the food grade metal path , more safe
4. Wax&Oil Cup included, fit for dry herb, wax and oil.
5. Removable and cleanable mouthpiece with magnet technology, more fashion
6.OEM and ODM are welcome.

* Parallel ConvectionTechnology
* Smart Puff-Identify module (instant vapor)
* Smart noncombustible sensor protection
* 4x2 Multi-Shift functions
* Size: 111.0mm*28.0mm*58.0mm
* Input: DC 5.0V/1.0A
* Battery Capacity: 2200mAh
* Battery Type: LG Class A Lithium Battery
* Premium chamber with Air Heating (convection) technology
* Heating time: 20 - 30 seconds
* 2 Inhale Mode Settings: Enhance and Soft Mode
* Temperature Indicator: Flashing: Heating up Solid Lighting: Device ready
* 4 temperatures control range settings: 338°F ,356°F 374°F and 410°F
* Micro USB Charging Port
* 5-Minute Safety Auto Shut Off
* Battery recharges: Over 300
* Safety Protection: Overcharge/Overdischarge Protection, Overcurrent/Shortcircuit Protection, Overheat Protection, Open Load Protection, Sensor Error Protection

* Fenix Convection Vaporizer
* Mouthpiece
* Wax & Oil Cup
* Cleaning Brush
* Wax Tool
* USB Charger
* Screens & Silicone Rings

The Generation of Vaporizer

1st : Combustion- Though often called a vaporizer, these devices are essentially a convenient electronic pipe where a red hot coil combusts the material.

2nd&3rd: Conduction- The material is heated in a chamber to extract the vapor. These can work really well, but since only the sides and bottom of the chamber are heated, the material in the center doesn't completely vaporize requiring you stir it frequently. The chamber stays heated so you loose some efficiency as it still vaporizes between draws.

4th : Convection-The technology of the Fenix. The chamber has hundreds of small holes that hot air is pulled through giving you a more even distribution of heat accross the herb material. This gives a consistent, efficient, tasty flavor and vapor with minimal stirring required. The hot air is primaraly only drawn through the chamber as you take a draw so you the efficiency loss is minimal between draws.

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