Knowledge of Tobacco Vaporizers

What is vaporization?
Vaporization is the transition from a liquid to a gas. Evaporation is a very common form of vaporization,where surface water turns to mist, steam, or clouds. In the context of modern tobacco vaporizers, vaporization occurs when the liquid content of tobacco, herbs, oil, or wax is heated until it becomes a mist and then inhaled.
What are the benefits of vaporization?
For tobacco vaporizer users of tobacco and aromatherapy herbs, vaporizing significantly reduces the amount of carcinogens inhaled when compared with traditional smoking. Tobacco smoke contains tar, carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxide, and approximately 60 other chemicals known to cause cancer, lung disease, heart disease, and other illnesses. While use tobacco vaporizer is not 100% safe, it can reduce the amount of toxic chemicals inhaled by as much as 95%, depending on the substance and method used.
During combustion (heating up a substance until fire is created), a significant portion of the active ingredients can be lost through burn-off or second-hand smoke. Tobacco Vaporizers can extend your supply of tobacco or herbs, since there is little-to-no waste created.

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