Looking back on 2014 TPC

TPC 2014-1TPC 2014-2TPC 2014-3TPC 2014-4

It’s Jan. 26 afternoon in Las Vegas now . Lots of company almost here to prepare for their 2015 TPC show , as well as Weecke’s team.
As you know , the TPC is New Product Introductions • Face-to-Face Meetings •Educational Opportunities • Social Interaction in the Cigar Bar & Lounge and Opening Reception all contribute to two days well spent in Las Vegas at the largest industry event for Tobacco and Vapor Products.
Differing from 2014 , besides the electronic cigarette items , weecke developed several newest heat – not -burn tobacco vaporizer products .
Before the pictures coming out for 2015 , let’s look back on 2014′s TPC show .


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