Portable Vaporizer – President Obama to Have More Choices

Sometimes politics can be pretty interesting. Electronic Cigarette Union thinks that personal portable vaporizer has highlighted its popularity and raised some eyebrows in a creative way, thanks to President Obama’s gum-chewing event in the Asia-Pacific Economic Corporation summit in China.

According to CNN, Obama was seen chewing gum when he entered Monday night’s festivities, leading to some Chinese netizens to ‘howl’ instantly, and he was called an ‘idler’ or ‘rapper’ for its informal and casual manner. As a longtime smoker, Obama chooses to use Nicorette nicotine gum to satisfy his craving.

It’s not the first time that Obama has chewed gum in such an important occasion. When attending the Normandy landing celebration, he was found chewing gums as welcoming Queen Elizabeth in France, which triggered some criticism that the president was in an inappropriate manner.

In a brief telephone call, Elliott said, a senior analyst of the Electronic Cigarette Union, “Obama can find a good way to protect its public image and relations. If the president had an personal vaporizer with him, he could have satisfied his cravings for nicotine, in a stylish and less harmful way without any negative effect on its public impression.”

Portable vaporizer has lower risk and less harm for smokers to get nicotine and the president may go to embrace some of them. We can recommend a variety of personal portable vaporizer to Mr. Obama to give him more choices. For example, he can choose some reputable top brands on the vaporizer market, such as Weecke . If the president want a cool and fashionable product, C Vapor is a good choice.”


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