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  2. Hello.
    I had contact to your sales manager Diana. Now I want to make a new order but I get no reply from her.
    Please contact me as soon as possible please. Thanks

    Daniel Schönborn

  3. Im interested in ordering your e-hookah heads. I have a retail shop in the US. Please message me back with pricing and all other products you carry.

    Thank You,

  4. I am interested in learning more about the C-Vapor vaporizer and other related accessories and possibly selling it to our customers through our website and in our retail store. Please contact me. Also is it possible to get a sample?


    Mike Klingerman
    Purchasing Manager
    Famous Smoke Shop
    90 Mort Drive
    Easton, PA 18040

  5. God Morning Ladies and Gentlemen,

    I am interested in your products. Could you provide me please with the information if the product is available in Germany and where?

    Thanks & Best regards,

  6. Hello

    we are intressted to start selling your tobacco vaproziers. What is the price ?? moq?? is it possible to get exclusive for Sweden ??

    also can you sen one sample so we can se and test it ?

    Kind Regards /Fredric

  7. Hi Jimmy,

    How are you?

    I am Clement Besso. My company is exploring this new types of smoking devices for Switzerland.

    I’m looking for 1 sets of each of your products
    Please, kindly provide:
    FOB price per piece
    Minimum order quantity

    I would appreciate your early reply in advance.

    Clement Besso

  8. hi.are your products sold in the united states?if so where can I find them for purchasing in the united states?if not when or if will your products be available in the united states?thank you very much

  9. Purchased a c vapor from e a carey(europe) in june 2015.Within 1 month of buying the mouth piece became detached from the vaporiser itself.The metal just broke in half.I wanted to buy 2 more of this product but before i do so I would like to hear from you what caused it to happen and can it occur again in such a short time.I like the new product.
    I await your comments.
    David Woodthorpe.

  10. Hello Weecke,

    I am an entrepreneur from the U.S. attempting to develop a new tobacco vaporizer that currently doesn’t exist in the market. I would love to go further into depth and explain our idea if this is something you might be interested in. We have designs to show as well and are very passionate towards our idea and concept. I am reachable anytime of day.



  11. Hi,

    i bought a c-vapor 2 few months ago and now it shows on its display eaa=error and i cant use it. But i dont have any explanation in the manual on how i can fix this. I hope you can help me.

    Thanks alot

    Marco Blättler

  12. Hey, how can i change the screen in the oil cup?

    And for what is the “open” hole on the back side of the Vaporizer?

    i have a C-Vapor 2.0!

    xx Pennetta

  13. Need Help how i can restart my Weecke Vaporizer ,, Error ,, on the Disyplay pleas help. Please Help quick!

    Thx a lot Guys.


  14. Hello

    I am the video reviewer for ‪‬, our You Tube channel is:

    My review of the Wulf Vape digital is nearly at 30,000 views! I am impressed by the quality of your vaporizers.

    Would you be able to send me a free sample and I will publish a video review to You Tube?


    Haydn Ruffley

    65 Rockdove ave
    M15 5EH
    U.K. I
    Telephone 07932521775

  15. Hi there,

    I have just gone through your product catalogue and found the weecke c vapor 2. Is the c vapor 2 similar to the original vapor ? What is the difference ? Can you put a whole cigarette without the filter into the weecke c vapor 2 as well ?

    I usually smoke Marlboro Ice Blast’s so I am trying to find out if there is anyway I am able slip the filter into the mouthpiece of the original C vapor or insert the filter into the glass mouthpiece of the c vapor 2. Is any of this possible ?


  16. Hi there,
    I wonder about the vaporizer, which model can use a regular cigarratte. How can buy direct fom this website?

    Best regard


  17. Hello,

    I saw on the video a C Vapor can hold a stick of cigarette. Is this true? Can I just insert cigarettes in the chamber and vaporize it?


  18. I’m the category direct for Smoker Friendly based in Boulder, CO. Smoker Friendly is the largest tobacco retailer in the US with 103 corporately owned stores and another 800 authorized dealers. I’m interested in learning more about your products in particular the C Vapor cigarette vaporizer. I would like to speak with a representative about potentially carrying your products in our stores.

    In addition, we have our Smoker Friendly conference and tradeshow coming August 17th through the 20th where we bring the owners and buyers of all Smoker Friendly authorized dealers together to discuss new products, industry topics, governmental topics as they relate to tobacco. On the final day we have a buying showing exclusive to our authorized dealers. I think this would be a great opportunity for you to get in front of a captive audience to showcase your products.

    You can learn more about us at

    Feel free to reach out via email or phone.

    Thank you

    Tim Greene
    Smoker Friendly
    Category Director

  19. Dear,

    I’m an online seller from Japan.
    I was wondering if it’s possible to buy from you at wholesale prices.

    I would also like to know if you would offer discounts for multiple orders, like 10-20 pieces at a time.
    What is the minimum order for a wholesale price? From what price can I order?

    Please let me know if you offer discounts according to the number of purchases and if there are any requirements to get discounts.


  20. Dear,

    I wanted to know if the C vapor 2.0 can be used for cigarette stick like the C vapor 1.0




  21. Hello
    Can I use the Fenix Vaporizer when charging?
    Best of all sins 18650 accumulators to change.

  22. Hi there,

    I would like to buy the Fenix vaporizer in black. Does it work with medical cannabis?
    How do I purchase from your website and how long does it to take to ship? Appreciate
    your response.


  23. Hi
    I am contacting you today as I started a vaporizer review channel on Youtube and on Instagram and would love to review your products. And I came across your line and it caught my eye. I mostly do reviews on dry herb vaporizers , and working at the moment with Atman and Focusvape on reviews on previous products and new ones as they come out. Looking forward to hearing back from you.

    Thanks Mike

  24. Hi Weecke,

    My name is Jos van Gils of / and Purchasing Manager of Conscious Wholesale.

    I noticed one of our regular customers, named Verdampftnochmal, sells the Fenix vaporizer.
    We would like to receive a sample to test since it might be of interest to you and me to cooperate.
    Many brand are distributed by Conscious Wholesale; such as an exlisive deal on Firefly and Vapium Summit, Vapir and more

    ARI Logistics BV
    Van Slingelandtplein 15
    1051 DD Amsterdam
    The Netherlands

    Best regards,
    Jos van Gils
    Purchasing & Product Manager ARI Logistics BV

  25. hello Tony!!
    congratulations for yr prodoucts, they seems prodouct of a serious research…
    I have some questions concerning the fenix vap…. which technology does it use to warm the dry herbs up???
    which material is made of?? and most of all, can you insert another mouthpiece instead of the plastic one????
    Is it free from plastic odours???

  26. Hello i want to by 1 pcs C Vapor but there isnt dhgate and aliexpress How to by for turkey please help me

  27. Hey Weecke,

    My name is Andy and I own a vaporizer review website called 

    We have been getting requests from our readers to start adding more vaporizer reviews to our site in time for the holidays. 
    Long story short, we’d love to review and feature your vaporizers on our website and promote your products to our audience.

    Is there any way you’d be interested in partnering up? We wouldn’t be looking for any kind of compensation, we are simply looking to grow the amount of reviews on our site. 

    All we’d really need is a sample unit to test out before we write the review.

    We’d be very interested in partnering with your company!

    All the best,
    The Vaporizer Guru

  28. I am looking at carrying your line of fenix vaporizers in our stores and was wondering what your MOQ was for wholesale pricing?

  29. My apologies – I forgot one question in my previous email. Does the “Enhanced mode” add 9 degrees Fahrenheit (5 degrees Celsius) to the set temperature?

    T N Tozer

  30. Dear Madam and Sir,

    I’m interested in the Weecke Tobacco Vaporizer. Is it designed only for using loose herbs or loose tobacco? Can I use a standard cigarette in the device, too?

    Thank you very much for your reply in advance.
    Kind regards,
    Nina Bauer

  31. Hi Tony i would like to purchase dry herb vaporizers bulk wholesale from you.I have stores in Nova Scotia Canada and am not interested in dealing with toronto vape.
    My company name is Fundy Vapors.
    I look forward to doing business with you.

  32. I bought the 4th generation vaporizer and loved it it for a week. Then the mouth piece broke. I simply went to spin in to a position to use it and 2 of the tabs holding mouth piece snapped. It is useless after a week. How and where can I buy a new mouth piece. Isn’t there some type of warranty on this product. I would love to know what to do, I am really unhappy at this point.
    Brad Kingsbury

  33. Hello,

    I was wanting to know if you sell your products in bulk? Along with that, what would be the dollar amount discounted for buying a large bulk amount? Look forward to hearing from someone.

    Thank you,
    David H.

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