The World First Cigarette Vaporizer Fit For All Cigarettes

TPC 2015 tobacco vaporizerCheck out ! Weecke is announcing what it called the world’s first heat not burn cigarette vaporizer. The Weecke C Vapor also got the name after that . It sounds pretty weird, but indeed it’s fit for all cigarettes! Weecke says it can proceed a better performance than similar-competitive products on the market. The idea is to led you a better vaporizing feeling.
For heat not burn device, it should better be good. The USA-based company unveiled the heat not burn product in the 2014, using the strapline ‘Cease Fire’ for marketing launches in Japan and Italy. It sounds nuts, the heat system specialized for their own brand cigarette
(and by extension the wider industry) a panoply of benefits only. While the value proposition to consumers of a cigarette with all of the satisfaction at none of the physical cost is not inconsiderable. The C Vapor system can avoid this , it fits for all cigarettes.
The concept of a tobacco or nicotine vapor product is not a new one and Weecke C Vapor could be that the difference between the previous heat-not-burn products :
* 8 times using per each charging, 1600mAh battery capacity
* 0 combustion, 100% vaporizing, with 3D evenly heating chamber
* 2 times smoke volume than other similar-competitive device
* 3 settings of temperature , precise control vaporizer temperature
* Fit for all cigarettes, loose tobacco,pre-rolled tobacco and dry herbs
* Easy to Clean due to hollow chamber
* LCD screen display

Yes, the Internet of things is even coming to your pocket.Heat-not-burn launches do open a new front for the future of tobacco.
Check out and have a try if you will be there in Las Vegas , the TPC show for 2015


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  1. sander 11 21, 2017 20:15:40

    Dear Mr, Mrs,

    I would like to order 2 C-Vapor 1

    Last time I ordered 2 C-Vapors, however I received the C-Vapor 2 , which I could not use.

    Hence Would it be possible to order the C-Vapor 1 in which I can insert a Cigarette.

    Many thanks

    • admin 11 22, 2017 11:06:08

      Hi Sandor,

      The c vapor is not available any more.

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