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Conduction vs Convection Vaporizers Infographic

The vaporizer review site,, previously posted an infographic that is a fantastic visual representation of the differences between conduction and convection style vaporizers. For those of you new to the incredible world of vaporization; conduction vaporizers require that your materials be in direct contact with a heated surface to generate vapor, while convection vaporizers…

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Looking back on 2014 TPC

It’s Jan. 26 afternoon in Las Vegas now . Lots of company almost here to prepare for their 2015 TPC show , as well as Weecke’s team. As you know , the TPC is New Product Introductions • Face-to-Face Meetings •Educational Opportunities • Social Interaction in the Cigar Bar & Lounge and Opening Reception all…

Merry Christmas !

  Dear Friend , Here are special greetings and Weecke’s best wishes: May Christmas and the coming New Year bring happiness and health to you and your families .May you have more prosperous New Year for your business . Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Yours Sincerely, WEECKE TECHNOLOGY

Portable Vaporizer – President Obama to Have More Choices

Sometimes politics can be pretty interesting. Electronic Cigarette Union thinks that personal portable vaporizer has highlighted its popularity and raised some eyebrows in a creative way, thanks to President Obama’s gum-chewing event in the Asia-Pacific Economic Corporation summit in China. According to CNN, Obama was seen chewing gum when he entered Monday night’s festivities, leading…