Introduce the type of vaporizers on market

So you’re new to vaping and don’t know where to start?  You’re not alone.  Many people are completely overwhelmed when they first begin looking at all of the different styles and designs of vaporizers that the market place offers.  Weecke team edit this guide aims to provide you with the knowledge necessary in order to make an accurate and responsible purchase through online store so that you end up getting a product that is right for your particular situation.

Vaporizer by type
* Portable Vaporizers
Portable vaporizers are perfect for someone who is looking for an on the go solution. Most of these hand held vaporizers generate heat using a rechargeable lithium ion battery, making travel and maintenance simple tasks. There are a wide variety of styles and options for your vaporizing needs, from discreet units that look like an inhaler to full-blown desktop devices which also work Herbal VaporizerGreat portable vaporizers are discreet, simple to use, and can be carried in a small backpack, purse, or even in your pocket. When choosing a portable, it’s best to consider where you’ll be using it most of the time. If you’re constantly on the go, it might be best to choose a product that is heated by an internal power source, such as a battery. If you’re a camper or festival attendee, you may want to consider a vaporizer that makes use of batteries and a USB or car charger, a butane gas powered like the WISPR2, or try a simple pipe with a gas lighter like the Vapman or the VaporGenie. Whatever your vaping needs, we offer a wide variety of hand held, compact portable vaporizers from many popular manufacturers, simply browse below to see more detailed info.Tobacco Vaporizer


*Home Use Vaporizers
Home vaporizers come in an expansive variety of styles and include features from push-button temperature control to automatic cooling of your vapor. Some can be used plugged in, and others are rechargeable.
These vaporizers are perfect for home vaping, as most need a constant elecricity source to keep them powered, and are generally larger than portables so make discreet outdoor vaping a bit difficult. We do offer a range of premium carry bags so you can transport your home vaporizer safely.Protable Vaporizer

*Battery Powered Vaporizers
No need for a constant electricity supply, these battery vaporizers are good for vaping on the go.
Battery-powered vaporizers have been around for a while, and are beginning to grow in popularity, due to their ability to be discretely carried in purses or bags. Some are even small enough to be carried in a pocket. Battery powered vapes can use many methods of heating your product, from convection heating to forced air. Many new to the world of vaporizing choose battery-powered vaporizers due to the low cost and ease of use.
A battery-powered vaporizer is an efficient, often portable delivery method that heats your herbal product, and allows you to enjoy it on the go. These types of units are perfect for camping, music festivals, and other outdoor activities that may require discretion.

*Flame Lit, Gas Lighter Powered Vaporizers
Flame-lit vaporizers are a wonderful method of generating vapor that is almost reminiscent of traditional delivery systems. However, instead of using a flame to ignite the product directly, it heats a chamber or element, which vaporizes the herbs or concentrates inside, releasing the active ingredients. The high-level of heat produced by these types of vaporizers is excellent for releasing calming or pain-relieving ingredients.
Herbal Vaporizers is proud to offer an extensive range of flame-lit vaporizers, most of which are great for portable use and discretion.


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