Weecke Recently Launched Tobacco Vaporizers

To meet the growing market for tobacco vaporizer , in this September , Weecke had launches several new designed Tobacco Vaporizers :

C Vapor C Vapor
C Vapor C Vapor
The world’s premium loose leaf ,dry herb ,real cigarette vaporizer. Small enough to fit in your pocket, Weecke heats, never burns your tobacco, releasing a delicious, satisfying vapor. It’s the world’s most pocket-able, premium loose-leaf vaporizer. Hand shape friendly design ,smaller than a Marlboro cigarette case or a iphone.

Weecke Tobacco Vaporizer II
Weecke Tobacco Vaporizer Ⅱ Weecke Tobacco Vaporizer Ⅱ
Another version of C-vapor , with a pop-out mouthpiece , gives a sweet and delicious smoke.

Weecke Tobacco Vaporizer
Tobacco Vaporizer Tobacco Vaporizer Tobacco Vaporizer
Launched last year , the pure Flavor Dynamic convection heating delivers the full range of desirable flavors and active ingredients for an experience that tastes, smells, and feels superb.


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