Merry Christmas !

  Dear Friend , Here are special greetings and Weecke’s best wishes: May Christmas and the coming New Year bring happiness and health to you and your families .May you have more prosperous New Year for your business . Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Yours Sincerely, WEECKE TECHNOLOGY

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Knowledge of Tobacco Vaporizers

What is vaporization? Vaporization is the transition from a liquid to a gas. Evaporation is a very common form of vaporization,where surface water turns to mist, steam, or clouds. In the context of modern tobacco vaporizers, vaporization occurs when the liquid content of tobacco, herbs, oil, or wax is heated until it becomes a mist…

Portable Vaporizer – President Obama to Have More Choices

Sometimes politics can be pretty interesting. Electronic Cigarette Union thinks that personal portable vaporizer has highlighted its popularity and raised some eyebrows in a creative way, thanks to President Obama’s gum-chewing event in the Asia-Pacific Economic Corporation summit in China. According to CNN, Obama was seen chewing gum when he entered Monday night’s festivities, leading…